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How to Clean 1”, 2” or 2.5” Horizontal Fauxwood Blinds

There is less maintenance associated with faux wood blinds than with real wood. Cleaning faux wood blinds is a simple process and requires much less effort than cleaning real wood blinds.

Things You Will Need:

  • Vacuum brush 
  • Clean Soft Rags 
  • Duster/Swiffer

Dust your blinds regularly. A light dusting between each slat of the blind will remove unsightly surface dirt and dust that accumulates. Feather dusters as well as synthetic types are used to dust the blinds while they are still hanging. A soft dry cloth can also be utilized as a dusting tool. Vacuum the blind clean.

For light dirt and dust, vacuum the blinds with a soft brush vacuum cleaner attachment.

Wash the blinds. For stains or deep cleaning, another big positive of faux wood blinds is that like normal plastic blinds, they can be cleaned using water. Adding some non-abrasive soap to warm water should do the trick. Remember not to use purely hot water as this could damage the integrity of your blind. Most liquid dish soaps are perfect for this type of cleaning.

You may find it is easier to clean your blinds with soap and water if they are removed from the window. Rinse your faux wood blinds thoroughly after washing (never use any harsh detergent or spray cleaners). Before you re-hang your faux wood blinds, you must ensure that you allow for proper time to dry. Although faux wood blinds can withstand much denser humidity conditions, it is still best to allow them to dry before they are placed back in the window. If you had to clean your blinds while they were hanging, you can dry them quickly by simply placing a fan in front of them for a few minutes. Always use care when cleaning any window covering product. Damage, stains or discoloration to cords, chain, ladder, slats, tubes, fascia/valance, headrail, tilt rod, hardware or any part of the window covering resulting from regular maintenance, cleaning or operation will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

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