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How To Clean 1″ Or 2″ Aluminum Blinds

Cleaning your aluminum blinds is an important way to keep dust from accumulating and dirtying the air in your home. There are simple ways to keep the blinds clean using various items from around the house.

Things You Will Need:

  • Vacuum brush
  • Clean Soft Rags
  • Duster/Swiffer

Dust the aluminum blinds. Use a product like a Swiffer that will grab-a-hold of dust without expelling it into the air or brushing it off to the floor. You can use a feather duster as well, but the results will not be as good. Dampen a rag with warm water. Use it to wipe the aluminum blinds across each slat. For support, put your hand under each area you are wiping. Do not press down too hard, to avoid bending the slat. Rinse off the rag after wiping each slat and wring it out.

Remove the aluminum blinds from window and soak them in the tub or a large bucket. Use a few drops of mild dish soap (never use any harsh detergent or spray cleaners) and warm water (not hot). Let the blinds sit in the water for 15 minutes, then hang them outside to dry. Use this method if the blinds have not been cleaned in months. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get rid of the buildup that accumulates on blinds.

Vacuum the blinds. Use the extension hose on the vacuum and put the small round brush onto the end of the hose. This method is particularly good for removing any cobwebs. Always use care when cleaning any window covering product. Damage, stains or discoloration to cords, chain, ladder, slats, tubes, fascia/valance, headrail, tilt rod, hardware or any part of the window covering resulting from regular maintenance, cleaning or operation will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

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