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How To Clean Plantation Shutters

Window shutters can be either decorative or functional, and often times are both adding beauty and decor to any home. However, if neglected, your shutters will become dingy and dirty, and their beauty can easily be lost. In order to keep your shutters looking their best, routine cleaning not only recommended, it is essential. The good news is that shutters, whether functional or decorative, are relatively easy to maintain, and cleaning them should be a breeze if you follow these simple steps.

Things You Will Need:

  • Vacuum Cleaner with Soft Brush Attachment
  • Dusting Cloth
  • Wood Polish (spray type, such as pledge)
  • Toothbrush

At least once a week, sometimes more often (depending upon environmental conditions, such as pet hair, pollen, etc.), using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner hose, lightly vacuum your shutters to keep them free of excess dust/debris build-up).

At least once every month, spray a dusting cloth with wood polish, and dust the shutters thoroughly. You may need a stepping stool or small ladder to reach your shutters. NEVER stand on a chair or table; these items were not meant to support your standing weight and they could easily tip or break, resulting in injury. If using a ladder or step stool, make sure it is placed on firm, level ground and, if necessary, have someone hold the ladder or stepping stool steady while you perform your job.

If your shutters have small grooves or crevices that collect dust and dirt, spray the toothbrush lightly with your spray polish and use it to clean out the hard-to-reach areas. Do not use soap and water to clean wood shutters as the water may damage or warp the wood.

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