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How To Clean Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are a roman style shade that is handcrafted from a variety of natural material, such as reeds, bamboo, grasses & rattan. Although woven shades are simple to maintain, frequent cleaning is recommended to remove collected dust from the wood. Treat woven wood shades with care to prevent the wood from warping, chipping or discoloring.

Things You Will Need:

  • Clean Soft Rags
  • Duster

Wipe the entire shade thoroughly with a duster. Dusters effectively remove dust particles and allergens from the grooves and crevices in the wooden shades.

Dampen a soft rag with water. Wring out the rag thoroughly to remove excess water from the rag. Gently wipe the damp rag over the entire shade. Do not allow the shade to become very wet as excessive water may cause the wooden shade to become damaged. Wipe the entire shade thoroughly with a dry soft rag. Dry the shade properly, since extended exposure to moisture may cause the shade to become warped or discolored.

Always use care when cleaning any window covering product. Damage, stains or discoloration to cords, chain, ladder, slats, tubes, fascia/valance, headrail, tilt rod, hardware or any part of the window covering resulting from regular maintenance, cleaning or operation will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

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