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Vertical Blinds

vertical overview The Ultimate Vertical Blind Collection offer a contemporary or traditional style that is perfect for large windows and sliding glass doors. Achieve excellent light control with a decorative selection of light filtering and room darkening louvers and fabrics. Vertical blinds are made with the best PVC and fabric materials. Resistant to moisture and corrosion, vertical blinds are easy to maintain, stay clean and are long lasting.



Child Safety Device

verticaltensiondevice To reduce the risk of strangulation to children, vertical blinds are manufactured with a vertical blind tension device according to ANSI Standard Section 6.5.2.


Our Offering

  • variety of decorative textures and shapes
  • light filtering fabrics and pvc
  • vast selection of colors
  • fabric and textured louver valances
  • motorization


Wand Or Cord Tilt

Want Tilt and TraverseCord and Chain



Motorized Ultimate Vertical blinds can be operated by a single touch of a button. Radio (RF) and Infra-red (IR) remote options allow for indirect or point and shoot operation and can be programmed for single or multiple blinds. Both battery and direct power options are available.

One Way

one-way-stackDrawn left to right, or right to left toward the control end.

Split Draw

split-draw-stackDrawn from the center evenly on each side.

Reverse Stack

reverse-stackDrawn one way, opposite of the control.
*Not available with wand control

Center Stack

A Center Stack will stack louvers in the middle of the opening.

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